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Bolts, boots, and bits

Gotta love that reaction when you walk into the office and immediately drop your pants...

Because they're your motorcycle pants, and your jeans are on underneath. Hey, my Fridays aren't *that* casual.

Backstory: Last February, I got the first motorcycle I fell in love with, a 2001 Speed Triple at an estate sale in non-running condition. I changed/added fluids, put in a new battery, mirrors, and blinkers, removed the PCIII the previous owner had installed, and got it running. At almost 39K miles, she's still running strong. My work schedule is starting to free up, so it looks like she'll be getting some overdue maintenance in the upcoming months.

Next weekend: New rear tire (Michelin Pilot Road 3)- the existing Shinko is pretty squared off and getting close to the wear bars (it had a lot of miles on it when I got the bike.

Mid-October: EFI adjustment/dyno tune. There's a local shop recommended by some of the local riders on for this purpose. Unfortunately, the adjustments the P.O made to the EFI when he hooked up the PCIII were not undone when it was removed- it's running WAY rich- like, 28MPG highway rich, and you can smell the gas when I'm on the throttle.

Early November:
* Front suspension rebuild. The fork seals aren't blatantly leaking, but the dust covers are falling apart, and this is the sort of problem I'd like to preempt.
* Front brake & master cylinder replacement. A neighbor of mine gave me a set of front calipers from a 1050, and I'd like to replace the master cylinder as well to improve the wooden feeling of the stock brakes. Between the hills, traffic, and cold/wet weather, that's something I'd like to improve.
*The local shop has the stock windscreens still available. Parts for this generation of bike are getting hard to find, so that's pretty nice.
*Replace front tire (Shinko) with Pilot Road 3 to match new rear.

In addition, it looks like my boots are starting to lose their battle with entropy. Does anyone have any recommendations for replacements? I'm not looking to break the bank on a $500 set of Dainese, I'm just looking for a good sport riding boot. I'd been looking at the Sidi Cobras or the Cortech Latigos. Suggestions or experience?

Washington has some beautiful roads, so I'll have video up of some local riding soon. And if there's been an added bonus to motorcycle commuting to work, it's that I can use the HOV lane and cut down on my travel time. I hope everyone else is having fun.
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