May 30th, 2015

sv 650

Is this thing on? Tire advice.

So it's been a solid 5 years since I've posted on here...I've grown up (somewhat) and now ride a metric cruiser that I am ready for its first new rear tire. The Yamaha dealer that I bought it from and had a decades long relationship with went out of business, leaving me to seek out a new place to get my tires from.

I tried the nearest Yamaha dealer via phone and in person visit and no one could give me a solid idea on what tire they had, price and cost of installation. I talked to 3 people and got three answers ranging from great price to horrible price to "I don't know." Between the scathing yelp reviews and being left on hold/to wait in person way too long and my impressions of these hacks I'd say it's safe to say I won't be getting my tire there.

I have google and yelp, but I'd prefer to hear from some real folks where I can go to get a tire mounted where they won't ruin my bike or my wallet. I'd be fine with traveling to most places in MA/NH and would love to find a place that will mount a tire you didn't buy from them for a 60% markup without much feet dragging. The tire I need is listed at some dealers for 260 (plus install) and can be found online for 170.00

Could any of you surviving Boston/metrowest/NH motorcyclists refer me to a shop that won't burn me?