No stranger than you (rogerdoger) wrote in motorcycles,
No stranger than you


Went to Road Atlanta last weekend to watch the WERA racers go at it. I think my current girlfriend, who came along is relieved that my race bike was stolen from me over a year ago now. What occurred to me though among all the adrenalin watching those guys, wishing I was out there, almost feeling the gear change under my foot and the brake in my fingers was probably just how lucky I probably was.

On Saturday among the usual carnage that ensues these events was one bad crash involving one of my friends, in which we think he target fixed on a bike that had just crashed off the track The result was he went off in the same place and crashed into the bike. He was knocked out and although he came around, they took him off to hospital with two broken shoulders. He's way too old for that kind of injury too. IE we dont fix they way we use to. Even sadder was a rider I dont know crashed the next day and another rider hit him and killed him. It seemed like every year at least two or three people would die at the track and we'd all be sad and then shake it off get on our bikes and ride as hard as we could in some way believing this was honoring them. I hope it was. I hope all those bikers that have died look down on us and know that in our hearts we just really love riding. I'm just kinda glad I have an excuse why I'm not at the track anymore.
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