ProfDecoy (profdecoy) wrote in motorcycles,

Sport Touring Vs. Cruiser Touring

I've been putting some thoughts towards what I might want to get as a next bike. Even though I'm a bit of a cruiser fan right now, sport touring bikes have been on my mind for a few months now.

I'm looking for something that won't cost me a whole lot, looking to spend around $10k give or take a little for the bike and a first round of aftermarket parts. However, I'm also looking for something that will be comfortable for long rides (with a possible VA to AZ ride in a year or so when I feel ready for a long multi-day ride).

Anyway, in my preliminary searching, I have been considering two different bikes.

The first being the Honda Shadow Spirit or Sabre and putting hard saddle bags on it for lockable, weather resistant storage. However, I believe that most hard bags tend to run around $400 or more.

As for a Sport Touring bike in the price range I am planning for, I have been looking at the Kawasaki Concours. Looking at the basic information on it from Kawasaki, it comes with locking, removable hard bags.

Right now I'm not planning to buy for at least 4-6 months, but I'm putting feelers out just to figure out which I might want to get and to figure out which will be better for me in the long run. Has anyone had any experiences with either bike (good or bad) that they'd like to share, or have any other recommendations for other bikes to consider?

For general knowledge, I currently ride a Honda Shadow VLX.

Thanks in advance.
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