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register bike

Are you know when you are buying a motorcycle (old and dead) and want to make from it a good machine when you need to register a it? after purchase, or after completion of the project?
Thank you for attention)
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suzuki gar 600 a

Hi guys. I'm new in the community and the country. on another continent, I had a motorcycle Suzuki GSR 600a. ("a" - it ABS in it name) I miss him very. Under this name I have not found it in USA. May be it have other name in US? I would like to buy the same here. thanks for the help!

sorry my english so bad
s10 sidecar

Knowing how it's supposed to work, is half the battle

We got a call from a relative whose son is using a 49cc Chinese scooter at college. It has issues. Will we work on it? We said "no", so he rented a U-Haul and showed up here when neither of us were home, and now it's in our garage.

The scooter is labeled "Ice Bear" and has around 900 miles. Problems:

1. It drives funny.
2. It won't start.

They have been kick starting it since new; the electric start worked at the dealer but hasn't worked since. And now it won't even kick start.

The first reason we found that it drives funny is because the nut that holds the rear wheel to the axle is missing. We were able to source an appropriate nut at the local hardware. Later, we discovered that the nut that holds the swing arm bolt in place was also missing. Once again, hardware store to rescue.

The reason the electric start doesn't work is because there is an interlock. It won't fire unless you have the brake on. With the brake on, the starter runs just fine. We discovered this by studying the wiring diagram; the starter circuit runs through a switch labeled "stop light".

But even with the starter cranking, it had no spark.

The owner's father suggested that he could buy a new carburetor. But if there's no spark, that's not a carb issue.

According to google, the common cause of no spark in these generic Chinese scooters is a bad CDI unit. A replacement CDI is $5.12 on Amazon, with free shipping as an add-on item with Prime. I had other things to order with it, so we got it in two days.

Still no spark.

But guess what? If you turn the engine stop switch to "OFF", it fires right up. I don't know if this is poor English language skills or poor assembly, but it's true. It runs pretty well now.

We considered drilling the bolts and adding a cotter pin to keep those two nuts from falling off again, but in the end we just lock-tited them.

I found this constellation of problems comical so I decided to share them here. :-)

I have heard many tales of these things being terrible POS. I wonder how many of the failures are this simple, but so far beyond the comprehension of the owners, that they don't get fixed? Instead they just get made worse by the owners doing things like attempting to install a carb they don't need, and botching the job. I wonder how much of the Chinese-scooter=POS reputation, is just the demographic that buys them, and the fact that it doesn't take many hours doing diagnostics at shop rate, to spend more than a new one would cost. If the scooter was identical yet cost twice as much, would that move it out of the POS category by making it worth the cost to fix it?
sv 650

Is this thing on? Tire advice.

So it's been a solid 5 years since I've posted on here...I've grown up (somewhat) and now ride a metric cruiser that I am ready for its first new rear tire. The Yamaha dealer that I bought it from and had a decades long relationship with went out of business, leaving me to seek out a new place to get my tires from.

I tried the nearest Yamaha dealer via phone and in person visit and no one could give me a solid idea on what tire they had, price and cost of installation. I talked to 3 people and got three answers ranging from great price to horrible price to "I don't know." Between the scathing yelp reviews and being left on hold/to wait in person way too long and my impressions of these hacks I'd say it's safe to say I won't be getting my tire there.

I have google and yelp, but I'd prefer to hear from some real folks where I can go to get a tire mounted where they won't ruin my bike or my wallet. I'd be fine with traveling to most places in MA/NH and would love to find a place that will mount a tire you didn't buy from them for a 60% markup without much feet dragging. The tire I need is listed at some dealers for 260 (plus install) and can be found online for 170.00

Could any of you surviving Boston/metrowest/NH motorcyclists refer me to a shop that won't burn me?


New Bike - Good Deal or Not???

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the community and wanted to get your opinion on a bike I just bought. Here is a picture:

I found it on http://motorcycletradingpost.com I paid the guy 8 grand for it. A little about the bike. Memphis Shade windshield (removable), Willie and Max saddle bags, passenger backrest with luggage rack, and some chrome pieces that complement the bike. Bike has custom Vance and Hines exhaust and comes with stock exhaust as well. 12,000 miles.

A good deal or did I get ripped off???

Bad week to be a motorcycle rider...

Had the worst week, Motorcycle Near misses, getting cut off, near rear ended, caught a road rage, Told a dangerous trucker to pull his head in, had a motorcycle death on my road, bike started cutting out A LOT. I labeled a lot of road users Dicks in this vid
Also lost a very special pet at the beginning of the week RIP lil man x :(

SO this is how I tried to turn a bad week into a happy week. So Suck my ball-less balls bad week cause -I'm going to bring the goooood times & memories with my new ride who I've named Finn!
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