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Aerostich - taking another shot

Yesterday we attended All Clubs Day up in Stockbridge and got caught in a colossal downpour on the way home. As the cold water trickled down my crotch I was reminded of my old Aerostich. Which worked great in so many ways, and I always blamed the 'stich crotch problems on the terrible fit of the suit that I bought back in the days when they only had men's sizing.

When they announced women's sizes, two years ago, I came *this* close to getting another one. They did not have women's tall sizes. But they sent me a suit in a standard women's size, and it fit well enough that a truly good fit seemed to be within striking distance, with their supposedly-available alterations. I ordered a suit in a women's size 12 with two inches added to the arms and legs, a back ellipse, and forward rotated arms. They accepted the order. But when the time came to make the suit, they called me back and said that forward rotated arms were not available. Yet. In the end I decided to cancel my order and wait for forward rotated arms. I checked back last year and they still didn't have the forward rotated arms for the women's size suits, but they were still optimistic that they might get it. Someday. So I waited.

Fast forward to yesterday. I went to their site to take another look, and discovered that for 2014 they have released an updated version of the Roadcrafter, the R3. And this new suit comes in women's long sizes! It also claims to be truly waterproof. Interestingly, it is unlined. It's made of a gore-tex coated 500 denier cordura, and all the seams are taped. They are using some new tech waterproof zippers. The armor is held in with velcro instead of going into pockets. I hunted up a few reviews on the forums and they are favorable. They say the suit slides on easily even with the velcroed armor, and that the armor is more adjustable this way, making the suit more comfortable. I never liked that black lining material in my old suit; just the slightest bit of sweat glued it to my skin. One reviewer mentioned having the same problem with the old suit lining, and that they liked this new unlined suit better. Apparently Aerostich got slammed with orders for this new suit and had immense backlogs earlier in the season, so there were a lot of complaints about that. But the people who have gotten it seem to like it.

And if it's a size 12 Long, maybe it will just fit without fooling around with $300 worth of customizations. Maybe I won't need the forward rotated sleeves.

So today I ordered a suit in a standard 12 Long, to try on. It'll be a couple months, but I'll report back when it gets here.
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