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Core EXP Clutch, A great commuter bike thats hip and affordable.

Me being somewhat of a motorcycle enthusiast feels like I should share to the community(and hopefully speed it up a bit) with some great moto related news I want to share.   Starting with a great piece of technology for motocross/dirt bikes.  The Rekluse Core EXP Automatic clutch.


Yep, its a clutch that never stall yours bike when you need it most.  I can explain it, but this link can help me do it better in detail.  In short term it uses centrifugal force to engage and disengage the clutch so you don't need to use the clutch lever (but you can if you want).  Yes it sounds nice...but for $800 I don't mind giving my left hand a workout.


For any teens wanting to ride, anyone looking for a nice town commuter bike, this seems perfect.  The Honda Grom, when you look at it you may have buell blast flashbacks...but I love this bike.  Its selling great with a price tag around $3,000 (depending on where you go) and  yoshimura sells some parts for it to help bump up the 125cc motor it has.  Definitely something to look at, especially for a student tired of taking a Honda civic to school.
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