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Erik Buell at it again

When I heard that Buell was shutting its doors a good years back it bummed me out.  Just when they made an impressive superbike (the 1125R) and even claiming a superbike championship the economic times got the best of them.  Yes they weren't the best but being American built and made by a racer, Erik Buell, it stood its ground proud.  Amazingly Erik didn't stop, with a handful of people and a company behind them he did it again.


I can't show the image of the new creation he brewed up but from what I read it's a strong comeback.  The model I'm speaking of is the 1190RX with 185hp with 101ft-lbs of torque.  Mind you the BMW HP4 has around 193hp with 87ft-lbs of torque.  For a V-twin motorcycle that sounds banging in my book. For $18,995 yea bit pricey but hopefully its well worth it.  Sorry if this seems like pointless moto ranting but I'm just getting into live journal and wanting to share my thoughts about this since I'm a rider and enjoy bikes.  For those of you that super bikes please comment and let me know what you think.  

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