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Defiant Optimist

Venturing into the Wasteland...

Hoping some may appreciate this too. :)

After a few very depressed months (the FZ1's engine went kaput), this past weekend my guy selected and is the proud owner of a new motorbike. We went riding to celebrate and start the break-in process. While we are both practical people as far as wanting to get the ride and experience we want with our bikes and for the investment (he researched and demo rode many in search of his new bike) we are also both gamer-types with a HUGE love for the Post Apocalyptic Fallout series of games (Fallout 3 especially). So, we share a certain...fondness for that "survivor at the end of all things" aesthetic. I knew the moment he chose and sat on his new matte green finish Triumph Tiger, (an awesome adventure bike) that besides all the other great things about it which fits his riding joy and goals, it fits that aesthetic beautifully:

Triumph Tiger
Stock shot of 2013 Triumph Tiger 800 Matte Green. It looks even better in person...pic does not do full justice.

Though we didn't speak of it, nor was it planned, I knew almost instantly once he was on the bike and we hit the road that we would take a long ride in celebration and somehow end up here:
Yep, that's my Suzuki blinging up the shot and blocking the Tiger...

Yes, that is a decommissioned Nuclear Power plant located roughly 25 miles south of Sacramento, California (On the backroads in Herald, California it's called the Rancho Seca Nuclear Generating Station). It was far too perfect a ride, place and shot not to do it; though I regret not getting a shot with one of the air raid sirens in more clear view. Incidentally, there is a now a recreational park here.

Don't know if there are other riders among who might get the reference or appreciate the shot...but wanted to share. It was a great day and ride.
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