White & Nerdy (white_and_nrdy) wrote in motorcycles,
White & Nerdy

Talk me down...

(I'm not looking for technical or diagnostic help in this post - just venting and hoping you guys will stop me from doing something rash. :) )

86 Savage. Spent way too long rebuilding the motor with lots and lots of help from a friend. Finally got it running and back together again. Ten minutes into the 20 minute ride home, the motor craps out and won't restart. Suspect a gunked carb, but haven't had time to pull it yet.

82 GSll00L. Ran into clutch problems the end of last season. After months of various failures to fix it I finally got all the right parts, and everything together and working today. Took a ride, motor ran rough but seemed to smooth out during the short test run. Got home, parked, and gas started dumping everywhere. Did an emergency tank dump into a gas can, spilling a bit of fuel and getting a drop into my eye in the process (PAIN).

These are the only two rides I've had ALL YEAR. I'm sick of motorcycles behaving badly. To the point where, in anger, I'm considering just giving up on bikes altogether. That would be silly and rash, the logical part of my mind knows. But it also understands the desire to have actual working motorcycles instead of spending money on parts and insurance with nothing to show for it.

What to do? Talk me down from the edge of the cliff here...
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