2stroker (2stroker) wrote in motorcycles,

On How Motorcycling Has Shaped My Life

As a kid I never gave much thought to motorcycles. I rode all over the place on my bicycle ,it was the 1950's. In 1965 I turned 16,got my drivers license and couldn't afford insurance on a car so I bought my first motorcycle ,a 55cc Yamaha that cost 54 dollars a year to insure and went just under 50 mph.I rode it to death . I rode all over Long Island where I live and that winter I rode it even in the snow. I was hooked!The next spring I bought a new Yamaha called a Twin Jet 100 .I was 17 . That summer I bullshitted my parents into thinking I was going camping out on the beach and instead got on that little 100 cc 2 stroker and crossed the Throgs Neck bridge,hopped on I 95 and rode the damn thing to Boston going a whopping 63 mph with my chin on the gas tank getting blown all over the lane everytime a truck would pass me. So began my life as a traveler. That bike was incredible ! I used to hold it wide open until the engine wouldn't rev any higher and then shift . I never blew it up! I rode it for 3 years until I managed to get enough money together to get a Yamaha YDS3 used. I had that bike for 3 months when in 1969 myself and my best friend decided we wanted to go to California . We packed just what we needed ,sleeping bags with some clothes and a cheap plastic tarp,with cloths line tied it all on the back of the bike on to this little luggage rack and 2 up rode that 250 cc 2 stroke from NY to Los Angles.We used that bike for the year we spent out there going to school going up & down the coast high way to San Francisco numerous times and a year later I rode that thing back to NY with this girl I met in LA. Met these guys with an old cabin cruiser who were headed to Marthas Vinyard and we lashed my bike to the back deck of this thing and headed up towards New England. Never once worrying about where we were going or what we would do if something happened.Kept that bike another year then picked up a 1969 Yamaha DS6C (250cc high pipe) Rode that to Newfoundland for the summer in the mid 70's I still own this bike and ride it. Rode this bike all over the place until the mid 80's when I got the 1971 Yamaha R5 that was pictured all loaded up it that previous post about sport bikes being the wrong bike to travel with or something. That's what this is about really. You see, there is no "wrong or right" Motorcyclists are individuals and we all do what we do regardless of what others think we should be doing.In fact, some of do the opposite just to prove them wrong!Motorcycling has opened up a world to me that I never would have otherwise seen. It gave me the confidence to do whatever I set my mind to. I have met the most amazing people thru it and seen things that most people only read about because of it. There is no right or wrong motorcycle. There is no better or worse motorcycle . There is no perfect bike for any one purpose . All there is are motorcycles and we make them do what we need them to do.I come from a time when we had a sand pit that used to be a sand mine for a cement company. We used to go there on Saturday & Sunday and ride ,or try to ride up the sides of the hill. Guys would be on Triumphs, Nortons, Yamahas,Harleys,Indians, you name it. Street bikes in the sand doing crazy shit. We would go into the woods with street bikes ,There were no "dual purpose " anythings around. There weren't any dirt bikes even for the most part. You run what you brung. So here I am, close to a half century later , going out into my garage to fit new Avons on my Moto Guzzi to get it ready for yet another road trip. Still doing my own wrenching and still riding old stuff that most people think belongs in a museum listing to chatter about what bike is the right bike for the job. JUST DO IT ! there is no right or wrong when it comes to motorcycling.
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